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BCM2017 Frequently Asked Questions for First Time Market Attendants

1. What is market operation hour?
Exhibition Hall 2, Bexco Convention Center
May 10 ~ 11 : 09:00 ~ 18:00
May 12 : 09:00 ~ 16:00
2. Where can I pick up my ID card and BCM directory?
ID card pick up point – Exhibition Hall 2 lobby, Bexco Convention Center
May 9 : 15:00 ~ 20:00
May 10 ~ 11 : 08:30 ~ 18:00
May 12 : 08:30 ~ 16:00
3. When is the deadline to have my company listed in BCM directory?
The deadline for listing is until April 18, 2017.
4. I am having difficulties registering myself online? How can I register for the market then?
Please contact BCM Seoul Office via email or fax and we will send you the necessary registration form. We will take care of the registration for you.
5. I need to set up my booth before the market starts. When can I access the market floor?
You can access the market floor from May 9 at 15:00 until 20:00 that day if you are registered exhibitor or participant exhibitor registered under Participants’ Club.
6. I am participating as exhibitor and I need to send boxes of materials prior to the market.
    Where can I send them and how can I collect them upon my arrival at Bexco Convention Center?
Please contact BCM Seoul Office with details and we will inform you the shipping address as well as instructions for collecting.
7. Is there services available to send the materials back to my country on the last day of the market?
DHL service will be available for pick up twice a day during the market and you can get further details at information desk.
8. Due to unforeseen circumstances, now I need to cancel my booth. What is the cancellation and refund policy for booth?
US $100 processing will be deducted before refunding the due amount and 70% refund on payment received before February 23 and 50% refund on payment received before March 23, 2017 and confirmed in writing by BCM Seoul Office. From March 24 onwards, 100% no refunds will be made.
9. How can I get Participants’ Club and what are the services I can get?
You can book your own exclusive table for meetings online and join Participants’ Club. BCM Seoul Office will inform your table number once you are registered online. More information is available under Particpants’ Club menu.
10. I need visa assistance for my entry to South Korea.
Please contact BCM Seoul Office directly for details.
11. How can I list my programs on BCM Daily News?
The deadline for listing your programs on BCM Daily News is until March 31, 2017 and you can list up to five programs with synopses and photos. For more details, please contact BCM Seoul Office directly. This is offered only to exhibitors and Participants’ Club. BCM Daily News is published for three consecutive days during the market.
12. When can I have shuttle bus schedule?
Shuttle bus service is available from airport to Bexco Convention Center and three designated drop off point and will be available from end of April online and at the information desk during the market.
13. I want to host a small cocktail party or event at my booth. How can I go about arranging it?
Please contact BCM Seoul Office for details and we will coordinate the event per request at cost quoted and the deadline is until April 7.
14. I want to decorate panels at my booth.
If you are registerd online, decorating paneling will be available together with rental booking.
15. When is the rental items available for booking?
Rental items will be available for booking from March until April 18 online. After April 18, you will have to contact rental company directly.
16. How can I attend seminars that are listed in your events?
More information will be posted online towards the end of March.
17. When is the last day for online registration?
For exhibitors, April 18 is the last day and for others, May 12 is the last date to register online.
18. I didn’t upload my photo for ID card online.
You can take your photo on site at registration desk from May 9 when you pick your ID card.
19. I need to change my flight ticket. Where can I get the service?
There will be travel agency present at market floor.
20. I need to rent on site before the market? Who can I contact at the market floor?
There will be rental company available for booking at the market floor.
21. I’ve forgot my password after I’ve registered online. How can I get new password?
You can change your password at ‘find password’ button online at our main page at right side. If not, please contact BCM Seoul Office.
For any further enquiries, please contact BCM Seoul Office at BCM@ibcm.or.kr
or tel +82-2-786-4701 or fax +82-2-786-6706. Thank you.