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BCM performance

Busan Content Market (BCM) Past Performance

Life is content!

Domestic and international terrestrial
broadcasters, cable TV, DMB, etc.
25 countries, 229 companies,
500 participants,
the largest event of its kind in Asia


Human Network, content Network!

Participation of major broadcast content companies
around the world, including FOX TV, BBC, NHK, ATV, etc.
More than 20,000 visitors participated
Became Asia's leading broadcast video market and B2C festival


Family is Our content

First participation by Walt Disney Company,
a global video content company
Participating countries exceeded 50
More than 50,000 visitors attended the festival


New content, New Network, content 10th

10th anniversary of Busan Contents Market
More than 1,000 companies participated
Transaction volume exceeded
$100 million for the first time ($176.2 million)
Since 2016, the market has grown into a market with a transaction
volume of over 100 million dollars
(*Excluding the year held online due to Corona)


Connecting the World with Content

Held a Hybrid online-offline market
Recorded a record $175.43 million
in transactions despite COVID-19
Exceeded $100 million in single transaction
volume for BCM funding consultation


Your story is our story

Simultaneous on/offline
511 companies from 24 countries, 1,493 buyers and sellers participated, 138 booths online and offline
Achieved transaction performance of $147,418,686


Our story is Your story

A full recovery to pre-pandemic levels
Signing a MOU with an emerging market as Latin America and Africa
Strengthening the status as a global market where has more than USD 100 million transaction
performances for three consecutive years.

*Excluding years held online due to corona

Historical trading performance

Participation Status

Market transaction performance over the past 10 years (2013-2022)

Participation over the past 10 years (2013-2022)

Busan Content Market (BCM) Major Performance

Participating Countries : 85 countries participating in total

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