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Overview of Busan Content Market (BCM)

Busan Meets Global Content Leaders

  • Market Date: 2024. 5. 22.(Wed) ~ 5. 24.(Fri), for 3 days
  • Venue: BEXCO Exhibition Center 1 Hall 3
  • Theme: Busan Meets Global Content Leaders
  • Program: BCM Market, BCM Funding, BCM Conference, BCM Academy, BCM Networking, B2C(Other events), etc.    Download Brochure
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BCM2024 Program
Official Events ① Opening Ceremony ② Welcome Reception
BCM Market
BCM Funding ① BIZ Matching ② BCM Global Pitching ③ MOU Signing Ceremony for Investment
BCM Conference
BCM Academy
BCM Networking ① Onboard Networking ② Buyer Seller Luncheon
B2C(Other events) Good Influencer Award
Busan Content Market (BCM) is a global content trading platform
created by Busan, a video industry city
Since its launch in 2007,
it has grown into a comprehensive content market representing Asia

Busan Content Market (BCM) is a globally recognized content trading platform established by Busan, a city known for its video industry. Since its inception in 2007, BCM has expanded its reach and has become a comprehensive content market that represents Asia.

BCM was created to connect Asian countries through new media and facilitate communication. The market's first iteration was launched in 2007, following the Busan International Digital Broadcasting Content Market (DBCM) in 2005 and the Digital Media Festival in 2006. In its inaugural year, 229 companies from 18 countries participated in the event, including domestic and foreign terrestrial broadcasters, cable TV, and DMB. The market has grown significantly since then, with over 1,000 companies from 50 countries participating and over $100 million in transactions.

The Busan Content Market is chaired by the Mayor of Busan Metropolitan City and comprises domestic and international content experts, startup investment companies, production companies, broadcast media, MCNs, and other executives as members, advisors, and experts. The market is held every spring in Busan, a maritime city that attracts content sellers and buyers from all over the world.

B2B marketplace that supports discovery, investment, production, and distribution of various contents such as drama, animation, entertainment, documentary, webtoon, game, music, social media, etc.

Initially focused on broadcast dramas, BCM has evolved into a content marketplace for various genres, including webtoons, animation, movies, games, music, social media, and creators, as well as broadcasting.
Today, it serves as a B2B platform that supports the discovery, investment, production, and distribution of content across a diverse range of genres. Additionally, it hosts various B2C events where content creators, industry insiders, and experts can freely participate, consult, and discuss. BCM has grown into a content festival that represents Korea and Asia and spans the globe.

Asia's largest global market, a window to showcase Busan, Korea, and K-content to the world, and the first to introduce global industry trends

Asia's largest global market, a window to showcase Busan, Korea, and K-content to the world, and the first to introduce global industry trends

The Busan Content Market (BCM) is the largest global market in Asia and serves as a window to showcase Busan, Korea, and its K-content to the world. As the demand and influence of video content increase with the proliferation of OTT and diversification of platforms, the BCM serves as a prioritized entrance to the world's video industry trends. It is a vital platform to introduce Korea's K-content to the world and keep abreast of the latest industry developments. BCM hosts international conferences with new and diverse topics annually to analyze the terrain of the media industry. Additionally, it provides an opportunity for creators from Asia and around the world to plan and produce content of various genres and introduce them to professional investors through the BCM Funding program. By doing so, BCM is leading the development of content in Asia and enhancing its status as a global market.

The 18th Busan Content Market (BCM) 2024 will be an enriching festival and a key exchange venue with people from all over the world across various genres

In 2022, BCM was the first offline event in Asia after the coronavirus pandemic and marked a successful comeback with a transaction value of $147.41 million. This year, the BCM will once again bring together content industry stakeholders and people from around the world under the slogan 'Busan Meets Global Content Leaders'. It will provide a wealth of programs ranging from B2B to B2C programs that cross various genres to showcase the capabilities of K-content to the world. The BCM is expected to establish itself as a key exchange venue that connects the global content market with Asia and Korea.