BCM Academy

BCM Academy is a program for nationwide related major students to nurture future professional talent in the broadcasting and video content industry. Practical experts share knowledge and experience about the flow and recent production trend of the broadcasting industry through the lecture.

DAY 1 (Wed. 31 May, 2023)

[Lecture #1] 13:30~14:50 Implications of K-drama's global hit

Dong-Ryul Roh
Sungshin Women’s University
Content The recent global achievements of K-dramas are remarkable. However, the hit of a few works does not guarantee the quality or box office success of the entire Korean drama. In what region are K-dramas that are said to be globally successful and how successful they are? This topic is expected to contribute to the advancement of our content industry by revealing the hidden implications and reality of K-content’s global competitiveness.

[Lecture #2] 15:10~16:30 Production Story of global OTT content <Physical:100>

Hogi Jang
Content The first non-script content ranked global No.1 on Netflix, <Physical:100>’s production story and global OTT content vision

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DAY 2 (Thu. 1 June, 2023)

[Lecture #3] 13:30~14:50 The Production process of <Reborn Rich>

Executive Producer,
Content Q&A on the production process of <Reborn Rich>

[Lecture #4] 15:10~16:30 Forward Global- TVING

Director, contents business
Content - Global OTT Market
- K-contents Global History
- TVING Original distribution CASE

[Lecture #5] 16:40~18:00 Successful cases of format export through <I Can See Your Voice> and <EXchange>

Diane Min
Content Content exports are largely divided into two categories: broadcasting right sales and format sales. The former sells contents so that works produced by tvN can be aired on overseas channels as they are. However, format sales sell composition plans and production know-how so that they can be localized and produced overseas, which has higher added value than broadcasting right sales and is easy to enter countries that did not have the Korean Wave. So, we will find out how domestic format is exported and broadcasted overseas through the case of MNET <I Can See Your Voice> and TVING <EXchange>.

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  • T. 070-5154-9938 E. psyfy@foryoucom.com

DAY 3 (Fri. 10 June, 2022)

[Lecture #6] 13:30 - 14:50 TIVING’S IP Securement and Development Strategy Case Study(High School Mystery Club, Transferring Love)


[Lecture #7] 15:10 - 16:30 The Importance of Content IP and Securement of IP - Focusing on Drama

Executive Advisor,


Fee : 10,000KRW
Perks Certificate / Souvenir

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  • Deadline : Until Fri. 27 May 2022.
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